100% OFF | Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 | Beginner | Tools + Workshop

As a graphic designer for over 10 years, I have taught in various Graphic Design and Marketing Schools and in Training Centres.

This training course is aimed at professionals as well as students who want to learn the basics of the ILLUSTRATOR programme and be able to freely create.

You wish to create your logo, pictograms, visual graphics but you do not know how to procede.

This course will guide you step by step through the basic learning tools. You will learn how to master the tools, to create your own logo, modify a logo, create an illustration and therefore create your own independent visual project.

ILLUSTRATOR is an easy-to-use software but contains a few keys you need to know: this is what this training programme provides.

Now take your computer mouse and you are only a few clics away from creative logos and visuals!

Type Formation graphique by Romain Duclos

Buy this programme and be free to createWho this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start using Illustrator in their career & get paid for their Illustrator skills.
  • Newbies, amateurs, graphic designers, motion graphics artists and any creatives who want to design their own graphics from scratch.


  • You will be able to add Illustrator to your CV
  • Navigate Adobe Illustrator CC like a pro
  • Draw beginner to advanced shapes and icons.
  • Draw existing famous logos
  • Design your own graphics, without any experience
  • Create many different icons styles
  • Create a paper cut effect
  • Learn all of the key skills of Illustrator: shapes, text, masking, effects, and exporting


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